How To Pick The Right Eyeglasses For Your Face From An Eye Doctor In Memphis

Eyeglasses can be vital in one’s daily activities. Whether you are using them for work, to go a job interview, sports or perhaps as a fashion statement, it definitely can add some sophistication to one’s look and can serve a lot of purpose.

In addition, eyeglasses can be a beautiful accessory that will enhance your features while simultaneously addressing an eyesight problem that you’re struggling with. Choosing the right frame shape could be an exciting process if you follow a couple of simple steps.

Your Face Shape

Your face shape is the number one factor to consider when choosing eyeglasses.

If you have an oval shape, for example, you can pull off just about every kind of frame out there. It’s a good idea to pick frames that are at least as wide as your face to maintain the balance and the symmetry of your features.

People who have a square facial shape usually are characterized by a broad forehead and a strong jawline. These features can be softened a bit through the selection of the right frame. Narrower frames and oval shapes are ideal.

A rounder face usually doesn’t feature many angles. There are simple visual tricks that can be used for the purpose of making a round face appear longer. One of these visual tricks is the selection of the right eyeglass frames. Glasses that come with a transparent bridge are perfect. The same applies to rectangular shapes.

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you have a narrow jawline. Broad and high cheekbones are also typical for this form. Rimless and cat-eye frames are a good idea because they’ll soften the cheekbones and create the illusion of an oval.

Choose the Right Color

The shape of your face is just one of the important considerations. Your skin tone is the next one. It will be determined by the frame color that will look good against your skin.

People who have warm skin tones (yellowish, bronze and brown) will need to stay away from pastel tones. These often come in contrast with the natural glow, drawing attention to the wrong spots on the face. Gold, earth tones, beige, green and light blue are all good ideas. Needless to say, there are exceptions. Just try the glasses on to figure out whether the color of the frame contrasts or works well with your natural skin tone.

Cold skin tones are the ones that feature either pinkish or bluish undertone. These are more typical in blondes but not always. Pastel tones, silver, black, purple gray and blue are great frame colors for people who have a cool skin tone. They stand out and create a beautiful visual contrast.

Some people also like to coordinate the frames that they choose their eye color. If you have beautiful green or blue eyes and you’d like them to stand out, pick a more demure and unobtrusive eyeglasses frame tone. The frame should play a supportive role rather than be the star of the show.

Fit With Your Personality

Finally, you should always choose a frame that corresponds to your personality. Are you a fun-loving person that doesn’t like to blend in? In this case, a bolder shape and a funky color will be ideal for you. Are you a serious professional? You may want to go for a classic and timeless frame that will look chic in the corporate world.

Take your time and try a few different types of frames. While the face shape guidelines hold true most of the time, there may be some exceptions. Another way is to take advantage of some eye doctor services in your area that can help you narrow down your choices by fitting the glasses in person. It’s up to you to find out the pair that you like, and you feel comfortable in.


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